Ho Tri (Library)


Dimension: Width: 6.5 meters Length: 6.5 meters Height: 10 meters The Ho Tri of Wat Thepthidaram can be categorized as Ho Phra Tripidok Krueng Gor, a Ho Tri with brick foundation and woodcraft decoration. However, this Ho Tri still maintains many aspect of Ho Phra Tripidok Krueng Mai (Ho Tri made solely of wood). For example, the building was built with space underneath, similar to traditional Thai house. The Ho Tri also has Thai roof ornaments, Chofa, Bai Laka, and Hang Hong, making it the only building, beside the monk housing, to have all aspect of traditional Thai architecture in the temple ground. The door and windows are decorated with plastering in the shape of cotton rosemallow, which are covered with gold leaves. Lai Rod Nam (Thai Lacquer Art) covered the door with two guardian deities standing on Kochasing (mythical lion with elephant head).

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