Sermon Hall


Sermon Hall or Sala Karn Parian in Thai is designed as a place of study for monks as well as a place of learning the Dhamma, the teaching of Buddha, for Gharavar, the householder, those who are not ordained into monkhood. It has been passed down from previous generation that Princess Wilat, a daughter of King Rama III, would visit the temple through the canal and changed her royal dress in the nearby Sala Thai. The princess would then accept the Ubosothsila, the Eight Precepts of Virtue, and listen to preaching of Dhamma from the temple’s monks.

A Buddha image in the post of subduing the Mara has been installed inside the hall. The Buddha image has been kept in the hall, along with other artifacts, however there are no records of the name of the Buddha image and the date of the installation. The sermon hall was closed due to poor condition for many years. With the assistance from the Crown Property Bureau, the hall has been repaired and completely operational in 2013. Currently, the sermon hall is closed for visiting and only opened during the following activities.

Overnight Dhamma learning 
Every first Saturday of the month.
Evening chanting and meditation
5.00pm-7.00pm every first Sunday of the month

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