Phra Wiharn (Shrine)


Phra Wiharn is a building with the purpose of housing Buddha image. The word “Wiharn” used to mean a place for living without defining specific person to live in. During the time of Buddha, the word was meant for a place for Buddha and his disciples to live in. After Buddha achieved the final state of Nibbāna, the final release from the round of rebirth, Wiharn is built as a place to house Buddha image, a representative of Buddha. Therefore, the word “Wiharn” traditionally means the place for housing the Buddha image. The Wiharn of Wat Thepthidaram housed important Buddhist objects, for example the principle Buddha image, and the 52 statues of Bhikkhuni (Buddhist nun). These Bhikkhuni statues are not yet seen at other temples in Thailand. Eventhough, there are as many as 52 statues, amazingly, each depicts individual posting. The Phra Wiharn is opened for public visit during following hours.

Visit: 7.30 am to 6.00 pm

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