Phra Wiharn (Shrine)


Principle Buddha image of Phra Wiharn: The casted Buddha image in the subduing the Mara posture sit on five-tiered lotus base in the middle of the Wiharn. The Buddha image can be measured 75 inches wide and 95 inches tall. Two full regalia standing Buddha image can be found in front of the principle Buddha image with royal 5-tier umbrellas, similar to those in Ubosot.

Phra Sri Araya Mettrai: According to Theravada Buddhism scriptures, Phra Sri Araya Mettrai is a Bodhisattva, whom will achieve enlightenment and teach Dhamma, the teaching of Buddha, in the future. The image was casted with bronze in meditation post. The left hand of the image was holding an object, which was speculated to be talapot fan.

Mahapajapati Gotami: Mahapajapati Gotami was the first Bhikkuni (Buddhist nun). King Rama III ordered the cast of this statue, during the foundation of this temple. The statue is made of tin and covered with gold leaves. The image sits in mediation post with left hand face upward on her lap and right hand bend over her knee.

52 Bhikkuni statues: King Rama III had 52 Bhikkuni statues casted from tin and cover with gold leaves. These statues sit in front of the principle Buddha image, each with unique details. Some are in various meditation posts. Some are performing various activities, such as preparing Betel nuts (Areca nut) and eating them.

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