Sermon Hall


Dimension: Width: 14.6 meters Length: 22.6 meters Height: 15 meters The Sermon Hall is a brick building with two layered roof with three dividers. The last divider was made of tiles. The architecture of the Sermon Hall is a result from combining Thai and Chinese architecture (Chinos Thai), which was favored during the reign of King Rama III. This is evidenced in Chinese inspired roof, which lack of Thai gable roof ornaments, such as Chofa and Bai Laka. The tympanum also featured Chinese ceramic relief in the form of Chinese phoenix, flower garment, and cotton rosemallow.

The Sermon Hall consists of front and back terraces. All the gates (3 gates in the front, 2 gates in the back, and a gate in the northern wall) are decorated with flower scriptures, covered with gold leaves. Chinese key scripture of the same manner can be seen on top of each gate. The windows, unlike the gate, are lined with Lai Rod Nam (Thai Lacquer art), with the top part showing vines and animals, while the bottom part illustrating the life and tradition of the Thais.

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